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We are happy to announce the winners of the 3 contestants in the category Design & Development 
and 7 contestants in the category Concept & Strategy.

Winner Category: Design & Development

1st prize - Noémie Benoit (France) - The Port Authority Bus Terminal re-opens in 2030

The jury called this entry a ground breaking and innovative proposal that proves to be an

integral project: "An excellent design research into the complex relationships between biodiversity and architecture".




Winners Category Concept & Strategy

In the category Concept & Strategy the jury has decided that there were

two entries that stood out from the rest. These two projects have both been

awarded with the first prize. Besides that, the jury has given an honourable mention

to one of the other contestants.

1st prize -. FABRIC / LOLA Landscape Architecture / Studio 1:1 (NL) -

The Ecological Energy Network
A very interesting proposal on the scale of the Netherlands in which a very

clear problem is exposed and reversed to an opportunity in an equally powerful

and simple way, the jury said. In addition, the market serves as support for the

development of biodiversity. The alliance needed for this, has already been put together by the team.



1st prize - Jacques Vink / Peter Vollaard / Ward Mouwen

/ Ari√ęnne Boelens (NL) - 7 Seasons

The jury speaks of a balanced proposal that rolls out a long-term strategy

 locally to enhance biodiversity. It also promotes social cohesion through the

efforts of local residents and the interventions that are needed for biodiversity

to improve to the environment.

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Honourable mention - Matton Office (U.S. / Germany) -

The Free Range Urban Biotope

The jury found this a provocative proposal on biodiversity that will result a shift

 in the debate on the development of (urban) space in a political, economic and social aspect.





We are proud to present the 10 finalists for The Green Architecture Competition.

Category Design & Development

Noémie Benoit (FR) with the proposal 'The Port Authority Bus Terminal re-opens in 2030'

"The experiment solves urban issues (resistant to storms, heat island effect, density, water management, quality and connection of public places) and stimulates biodiversity by opening possibilities for nature to inhabit the city." Read more

Team of VenhoevenCS (NL), DS Landschapsarchitecten (NL) and Wim Timmermans (NL) with the proposal 'Habitat'

‚ÄúIn the domains of design and construction the word ‚Äėhousing‚Äô is purely used from an anthropocentric perspective. Expanding this concept will result in more valuable and liveable cities for people, animals and plants.‚Äú
 Read more

Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel (CO) with the proposal 'Open bio-cultural diversity'

"How to maintain and protect the indigenous and natural reserve ‚ÄúRizia Las Delicias‚ÄĚ and simultaneously improve the spatial quality of the current urban landscape in its surroundings?" Read more

Category Concept & Strategy

Team of White Arkitekter AB (SE) and Barthel AB (SE) with the proposal 'add another layer'

"The key word is to evoke a greater awareness to the broad society in our daily interactions with urban ecosystems. We need to engage civil society in designs and management of the urban spaces." Read More

Noémie Benoit (FR) with the proposal 'The wetland of the Port Authority Bus Terminal'

"The act of designing, which positions the Human within the natural environment, should occur at the interface between Biosphere and Technosphere. Exploring this border as a designer is my fascination." Read more
Openfabric (IT/NL) and Christiaan Harmse (NL) with the proposal 'Diverse Networks'

"In a biodiversity point of view, the network is a key point for conserving habitats. DIVERSE NETWORKS is based on a very simple question: Which is, in an urban environment, the most extended, existing network? Public transportation!" Read More
Bureau Botersloot (NL) with the proposal 'If you love the city, set her free'

"The key to create a biodiverse city is to activate the individual initiative. Responsibility and initiative is realized through a transparent taxation system. It's purpose is to show the value of sustaining our environment and the direct relation it has with biodiversity."

MattonOffice (DE/NL) with the proposal 'The Free Range Urban Biotope'

"We humans created a neoliberal capitalism, based on competition where it is more and more common to behave as parasites. In ecology, on the other hand, we can see other forms of interaction like commensalism, mutualism, neutralism, symbiosis or mimicry which demand a more social behaviour."

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Team of Jacques Vink (NL), Piet Vollaard (NL), Ward Mouwen (NL) and Ari√ęnne Boelens (NL) with the proposal '7 Seasons'

"The city seems to be built and maintained mainly as a biotope for humans. In order to build a more sustainable environment for both humans and other species, we need to fuse our human biotope into the network of other species’ biotopes."

Team of .FABRIC (NL), LOLA Landscape Architecture (NL) and Studio 1:1 (NL) with the proposal 'The Ecological High-Voltage Network'

"The transmission network plays a crucial role in filling in the missing links in our National Ecological Network (EHS). The ecological use of shared space under power lines, a Ecological High-Voltage Network (EHN), will result in the Netherlands largest national park.‚Ä®"


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The Green Architecture Competition ambassador Johan van Lierop tells about a beautiful beautiful example how to maintain Biodiversity in a city like New York City.