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On Monday March 19th more than 160 architects, designers and fashion designers, committed to co-creating a green future, gathered in the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA) for The Green Collective Symposium.  For those who were not able to attend,  all workshops and lectures can be viewed online (see below). For photos and a full report of the event go to The Green Collective website: www.green-collective.com




Aart van Veller : Host The Green Collective Symposium


Michiel Poppelier : Networking One-on-One
Michiel Poppelier is a business advisor at Kamer van Koophandel (KVK), the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Feel nervous in a crowd of strangers? Uncertain on how to approach someone you would like to speak to? ‘Networking One-on-One’ will answer your questions and give you useful tools and the confidence to achieve your goals.



Christien Meindertsma: The Origin of Materials
Christien Meindertsma
is a designer and researcher who explores the origin of products. Her book PIG 05049, in which she shows all the products made from a single pig, won the Danish Index award an award for international ‘design to improve life’. “I think the world of products and their production processes should become transparent. I believe that transparency is the first step towards more sustainable production.”


Sébastien Kramer : Financial Planning Sébastien Kramer is an accountmanager at Rabobank, a bank who as a cooperative works closely with the customers and local communities to build a sustainable future for all global living. “We help our business clients to assess environmental, social and economic opportunities and risks.”


Michiel Odink: Intellectual Property
Did you know copyright is secured automatically when a work is created? And that it ends 70 years after the death of the author or designer? Lawyer Michiel Odink knows all about the products of the mind and why it so important to outline Intellectual Property: “Even unfinished drawings are protected. The only thing you need to do, is evidencing the date of creation.” How? “Sending a fax to your mother, an e-mail, make a picture with your smartphone, go to the tax office and have a datestamp..



Wijnand Broer: Biodiversity for Beginners
Wijnand Broer is deputy director of CREM consultancy. “My vision is a world where people have found the right balance between satisfying their own needs, the needs of other species and respecting the world’s ecosystems.” CREM, founded in 1989, has built up major expertise in the matter of biodiversity. Part 2


Reinoud Wolff : Green Marketing
Reinoud Wolff is the owner and founder of Goed & Groen, a consultancy firm focused on helping green companies with their marketing and PR. Wolff, who describes himself as a ‘modern hippie’, was inspired by ice cream brand Ben& Jerrys, a business that feels responsibility to give back to the community. “Peace, love, and happiness, that’s what it’s all about”.


Thomas Rau: Oneplanetarchitecture Thomas Rau is the founder of RAU architects and renowned for his designs, as well as his involvement in the international discussion on sustainability and the development of energy-saving technologies. His project and institute ‘oneplanetarchitecture’ is focused on developing healthy buildings that actually produce energy, instead of wasting it.


Ronald Rietveld: Rietveld Strategic Interventions Hot tubs in the dunes, birds and supertankers combined: Ronald Rietveld shows us how his studio, Rietveld Landscape, makes extreme use of the context. It is all possible, if you go into alliances. Work together with a biologist, for instance. “As designers it is our role to integrate all knowledge”. In his project Vacant NL Rietveld showed us the endless possibilities of vacancy: in some of the 10.000 buildings that have been mapped by Rietveld and his colleagues, you can even make open fire. “Getting the keys, that is the difficult part”. Time to open up!


Timo Mulder: Writing a Business Plan
Timo Mulder is a life-optimist, the owner of a permaculture-balcony and co-founder of ValueFirst
, a management consultancy firm specialized in project management & product development coaching for startups, growth companies, large corporates and NGOs. “Our goal is to make teams and organizations hyper-productive!” 


Panel Discussion: Change, challenges & Implementation
With Max Bruinsma (Editor-in-chief of Items), Wijnand Broer (CREM) & Ronald Rietveld (Rietveld Landscape).


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