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Photography featuring Lonneke Engel
Ambassador of The Green Fashion Competition
Lonneke Engel Ambassador of TGFC
Photo: Jouke Bos - Styling: Jordy Huinder


The competition question is: Design three outfits and write a business plan, which explains how your fashion enterprise contributes to sustaining biodiversity.

The competition has two categories:
-Category 1: Established fashion entrepreneurs, first prize €25.000,-
-Category 2: Young / starting-up fashion entrepreneurs, first prize €15.000,-

Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) and the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation launched The Green Fashion Competition in 2010 and with it aspire to initiate a shift towards a more ecological fashion industry. They do this by providing a suitable 'prize-pack' with which the competition winners can really found and/or boost their fashion business. Besides cash prizes The Green Fashion Competition provides entrepreneurs with workshops on business, biodiversity and innovation, a platform at Amsterdam Fashion Week and expertise from and connection with the AFW network.

The first season of The Green Fashion Competition was launched in July 2010. Dutch designer Elsien Gringhuis won the first prize of € 25,000, -. OAT Shoes came second and was awarded €15.000,-
In January 2012, the second season came to an end with a spectacular grand finale during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Studio Jux won the first prize in the first category of €25.000,- and Carrie Parry won the first prize in the second category of €15.000,-. Competition ambassador, Lonneke Engel presented the finale and the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Maxime Verhagen awarded the prize winners, all in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands.

The third season of The Green Fashion Competition is expected to commence in 2013. Enrolment will open after that date. To stay informed, please subscribe for the newsletter by clicking on the envelope in the menu on the right.



Biodiversity is a term often foreign to those not interested in plants and agriculture. Yet biodiversity is ‘all around us' and plays a much more important role than most people think.

‘Bio' means life, and ‘diversity' means variation.

Biodiversity can therefore be described as the variation of all kinds of life, which together create a balance in nature. Biodiversity covers all of the world's ecosystems; from the smallest insect to the largest mammal and from microscopic plants to the tallest trees. It includes life on land, in the sky and in the sea. It is the totality of all life together which form ‘biodiversity'.

Biodiversity creates clean water, fertile grounds and a stable climate. It also produces food and building materials for residencies, clothing, fuel and medication.

Mankind's consumption of raw materials and modern production techniques are having an extremely destructive effect on the world's biodiversity. Examples of this are the unaccountable amounts of water wasted in many production techniques, the chemicals used in dyes and other treatments that pollute the environment, and the extent to which large scale agriculture (eg cotton fields) destroy habitats.

The Green Fashion Competition as part of The Green Collective aims to create the foundation for a fashion industry that is produced in a manner wherein biodiversity is preserved. The only way in which this can be done is when entrepreneurs are able to find a balance between the economical, ecological and social impact of their ideas; a balance between People, Planet and Profit.

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The Green Fashion Competition is part of The Green Collective; an interdisciplinary initiative by Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) and the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation in collaboration with Dutch Design Week and the Netherlands Architecture Institute. The Green Collective organises several initiatives which stimulate a shift towards an ecological economy, examples of which are: The Green Fashion Competition, The Green Design Competition and The Green Architecture Competition.

The Green Fashion Competition: Sewing the seeds for the future of fashion.


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The second season's manual can be viewed here.